Educate our Youth

Project TRUE (Teens R U Educated?) is a youth-driven, peer health education program active within Roseland Accelerated Middle School, Roseland University Prep, and Windsor High School.

  • 30% average increase in alcohol, tobacco, and drug prevention and safe teen driving knowledge.
  • A Project TRUE group reaches over 500 of their peers each year through one presentation. 

In Sonoma County half of all 11th graders report having easy access to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Since 2008, Project TRUE has educated youth and the greater community on the facts and consequences of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The Center, together with returning TRUE members, recruits and mentors youth leaders to educate their peers around health topics, primarily tobacco, alcohol and other drug use. They are developing skills to support healthy retail in their community, limiting access to tobacco marketing for youth while improving access to healthy foods and beverages. With the approval of Sonoma County's Tobacco Retail License, Project TRUE will collaborate with retail owners to make healthy choices easily accessible to their peers and the broader community.

Impact: Empower our Youth

The youth who have participated in Project TRUE gained a powerful voice to influence their peers, their school and the surrounding community. When Project TRUE youth speak, everyone listens - including community leaders and policy makers!

Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs have been easily accessible for our youth and I think it’s important for us to understand the consequences that come with using those substances.
- Valeria, Senior, Roseland University Prep