Many Promotores are bilingual, bicultural and live within the targeted communities. Promotores de Salud/Lay Health Promoters are essential to providing both individual, small and large group presentations to inform the community about chronic disease prevention strategies. 

  • Promotores reached over 7,000 community members this past year.
  • We have over sixty trained volunteer health promoters.

The CWB has a longstanding commitment to community engagement. Recruitment, training and integration of Promotores de Salud/Community Health Promoters is a successful strategy to form lasting, trusted relationships with communities at the greatest risk for health disparities. One of the intrinsic characteristics of Promotores is their cultural sensitivity to the community’s beliefs, values and practices since they represent the community they teach. 

Promotores de Salud are trained in a number of topics including nutrition, asthma, tobacco, chronic disease self-management, childhood obesity and iron-deficiency anemia prevention. Currently seven programs utilize the Promotores de Salud/Health Promoter model. Utilizing their existing community connections and relationships, Promotores assisted the Center in disseminating chronic disease prevention strategies to a larger audience. 

Impact: Change in our County

The Center created the program as a way of fostering community leaders that would also work to create healthier environments in the communities where they lived. Promotores have conducted safe routes to school assessments, participated in food access, and supported a broad variety of health promotion work throughout Sonoma County, including surveying multi-unit housing complexes in support of the CTCP grant, collaborating with safe routes to school to conduct parent education on alternative transportation methods, educating City Planners with PhotoVoice, and providing classes to preschool age parents on positive parenting skills.

Our community has a thirst for knowledge. When the people get answers, you can see light in their faces and this is what inspires me to continue to be a volunteer.
- Anna Demers, Promotora de Salud