The Center is continuing the momentum towards creating population-based tobacco control interventions that will benefit primarily low-income, Latino and rural residents of Sonoma County. Leveraging diverse partnerships, including our strong relationship with Sonoma County Health Department, schools, community groups, and low-income housing complexes will enable the Center to realize the project’s primary objective of achieving Healthy Retail Licensing/Tobacco Retail Licensing.

  • 64 affordable housing sites adopted voluntary policies that prohibit smoking in all common areas and inside 100% of their units. 
  • Three jurisdictions (Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, and Sonoma) passed multi-unit housing smoking ordinances prohibiting smoking within 20-25 feet of windows and entrances

Engaged youth and Community Health Workers (Promotores) speak to their family, friends, neighbors and elected officials through small and large group presentations about the importance of a healthy retail environment and the link to chronic disease. They inform residents, apartment managers and city council members about smoke-free multi-unit housing.

The Center, together with youth and Promotores, is informing key decision makers and elected officials about the benefits of passing tobacco retail licensing and smoke-free multiunit housing ordinances towards creating healthy communities. 

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