We unite every side to fight against chronic disease. We’re integrating our programs with providers and payers to increase efficiencies, and bolstering ties with agencies, schools, and fellow nonprofits to manage and prevent disease in the North Bay. Combining our efforts, we can reach further, faster, and with untold success.

Community Involvement/Collaboration-Committees and Boards

  • Community Activity Nutrition Coalition (CAN-C)
  • CAN-C Steering Committee Chair, Nora Bulloch
  • Community Nutrition Action Plan (CNAP) Chair, Nora Bulloch
  • Physical Activity Committee, Erin O’Brian, Ali Samii
  • Health Action Council, Alena Wall
  • Health Action Steering Committee Chair, Alena Wall
  • Committee for Healthcare Improvement (CHI), Alena Wall
  • Community Initiative for CHI, Martin Rivarola
  • Hearts of Sonoma, Alena Wall and Jennifer McClendon
  • CHIPA, Health Action Chapter of Petaluma, Jennifer McClendon
  • Windsor Wellness Partnership, Martin Rivarola and Michelle Escobar-McGarry
  • Latino Service Provider Coalition, Michelle Escobar-McGarry
  • Asthma Coalition, Michelle Escobar-McGarry
  • Tobacco Coalition Chair, Michelle Escobar-McGarry
  • Prenatal, Alcohol and Other Drug Action Team, Michelle McGarry
  • Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce
  • Young Professional Network, Alena Wall
  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Michelle Escobar-McGarry and Alena Wall
  • SRJC Community Health Worker Advisory Committee, Martin Rivarola
  • Healthy Aging Collaborative, Martin Rivarola
  • IWork Well, Nora Bulloch, Sole Drago
  • Los Cien, Jeanette Magana, Michelle Escobar-McGarry

10 lbs.

On average weight loss over a month. 


Of Smoke-Free babies participants adopt one secondhand reduction strategy after receiving counseling. 


Of Smoking Cessation participants reduced their tobacco consumption.


Of Smoking Cessation participants quit smoking.

1/2 lbs.

Average loss by parents in Taking Steps/Tomando Pesos six-week program. 


Of Taking Steps/Tomando Pesos children lost or maintained weight.


Average drop in HgAqC 3 to 6 months after completing Diabetes Y Su Salud. 


Of Diabetes Y Su Salud Participants increase knowledge and skills around self-management strategies to manage diabetes. 


Average decrease in Diabetes Meal Planning Participants' HgAc1.


Reduction in diabetes complications for Living Well with Diabetes Participants. 


Drop in HgA1c 3 to 6 months after attending Living Well with Diabetes. 

30 mins.

Of Life Time Fitness Participant cardiovascular exercise per day. 


Cardiac Rehab Phase 3 patient encounters in 2015.

47 min.

Participants exercise nearly an hour a day.


Endurance increase for Cardiac Rehab Phase 2 patients.


Of participants reach target bood pressure of 150/80 after 36 sessions in Cardiac Rehab Phase 2. 


People impacted across the county.


Decrease in diabetes complications.


Of participants quit smoking for good.